“Before coming to Dr. Shelby, I had migraines and lower back pain every day. The migraines were horrible, so bad I couldn’t get out of bed most days, and the back pain kept me from sleeping as well as I should have been and playing with my daughter as much. Having a newborn and being […]

“Coming from a family that all used chiropractic care, I was not foreign to the concept of the treatment I would receive if I went for a spinal adjustment. What was foreign to me, however, was the ‘whole body’ benefit from these treatments. “Dr. Shelby would say, ‘You’ll be a brand new woman!’  He was absolutely correct!  Not only […]

“About one and a half months ago I was rear-ended by another car on I-465 in Indianapolis, where I live.  My car was stopped and I was waiting to get on an exit ramp.  In the next instant I blinked and was hit.  It seemed quite minor at the time and I was a little […]

“Today is my last appointment of sixteen.  I was a walk-in after my second accident in a few months time.  I’ve had severe back problems since I was little (I’m now 19).  I have been hit by two cars, have had multiple dirt bike and quad accidents, my body slammed, and of course the two […]

“I came to Dr. Mike with a lot of lower back pain.  After my treatments to align my back I have almost no back pain.  I would say about a 95% improvement. “I would highly recommend Dr. Mike!  It worked for me!” -R.K.

“When I first came to Dr. Mike, I was in so much pain.  After ten treatments I was able to ride in a semi-trailer with no pain.  I don’t have sharp low back pain anymore.  Headaches are gone!  My quality of life has changed tremendously!  Thank you Dr. Mike and lovely staff!” -R.S.

“Dr. Mike has helped me so much in just my day-to-day function.  When I started, I didn’t even realize how misaligned I was, seeing as I had came in for a knee problem.  I slowly realized just how many things were involved my scoliosis; headaches, back aches, and much more.  Now they are minimizing day […]

“When I came in to this office I was in severe pain.  I had been to my regular doctor who recommended I see a chiropractor.  I picked Dr. Mike and I’m glad I did.  My condition has improved steadily and while I’m not yet done with treatment, I am pleased with my progress!” -C.A.

“After being treated for a work injury with physical therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs I was still experiencing serious back pain.  I came to try chiropractic treatment.  In just a few treatments I was pain-free.  I have been able to return to an active life.  I could not be more happy with the care I have […]

“About two months ago, I came to your office for treatment on my hip and lower back.  After the first visit I felt 100% better.  Now I have very little pain and can move around like I did before.  I want to thank you and your staff for all your support and help to get […]