“I just would like to say thank you.  I came to this office in pain and had double vision issues.  All that is better now.  My double vision has been so much better, I never knew chiropractic care would help that.  I’ve been to many other chiropractors and this office is by far the best, […]

“I am skeptical of going to doctor, even more so after battling stage 2 breast cancer and having botched surgeries.  Well, I’ve had my share of doctors, but Dr. Mike is an excellent doctor. He has made me feel like a hundred bucks after the few weeks of seeing him.  My back hasn’t felt this […]

“I have been using chiropractic care for some time with no result.  I’ve been dealing with back pain for almost ten years and over the past year it has intensified ten fold.  My chiropractor at the time had no effect and I was at my wit’s end.  I was then recommended to Dr. Mike by […]

“After having two back surgeries, to me a third one is not an option.  I decided to try Dr. Teifke for relief.  After one month of treatment my back feels better than it has in months.  I am back to playing golf and not having pain the next day.” -D.H.

“My success is amazing.  I’ve had back and neck problems for a long time, but in the last six months or so my back, neck and whole body ached.  I could hardly walk.  To shop I had to lean on a shopping cart.  My body felt like I was jammed up like a jammed up […]

“After just one month of treatment I am not experiencing headaches, I have improved motion in my neck and back.  I am also feeling little or no pain in my foot that had been plaguing me for months.” -D.A.

“I am a 70 year old widow.  A few years ago I started getting pain in my shoulders and lower back.  My right side from shoulder to foot started going numb 2-3 times a week.  I had MRI’s and MRA’s and was diagnosed with stress.  I finally had to give up gardening, yard work and […]

“Entering the program at Principled Chiropractic, I was somewhat skeptical.  After several treatments I was still skeptical because the pain in my right shoulder was very intense.  However, I continued getting adjustments from Dr. Mike and the pain diminished and then vanished.  I am very satisfied with the results and thank Dr. Mike and his […]

“My success with chiropractic care has amazed me.  In only 22 visits my back has never felt better!  My visits were fast and effective.  The overall quality of life has improved so much.  I am sleeping through the night and not relying on pain medication for excruciating back pain.  Dr. Teifke is a true healer!  […]

“Thank you for everything.  The care and treatment that you and your staff provide is greatly appreciated.  I would highly recommend your office to anyone suffering from pain and discomfort.  The pain that I suffered from was more than I could deal with but with the care that was provided by Dr. Mike and his […]