“When I first came to see Dr. Mike I had constant pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders. After my first adjustment I was able to walk without pain. After my third adjustment my shoulder pain was completely gone. I am so glad I came here. My treatment has changed my life.” -L.B.

“I was playing football at South Dearborn when my lower back started hurting. I came here a couple days later and now I’m not in any pain! Playing football has gotten a lot easier since I started treatments. Thank you Dr. Shelby for helping me.” -D.C.

“I was having back pain for two weeks and went to a family doctor. I was put on meds and after a week and a half I wasn’t any better. I could only walk about 50 feet and had shooting pains. I called Principled Chiropractic and they fit me in that day. The staff was […]

“The first week of August my back tightened up and I couldn’t get out of my chair. I went to a chiropractor and wasn’t happy so I came to Principled Chiropractic. I came everyday for a week to see Dr. Shelby and I was back in business after only ten days! I like the promptness […]

“I had headaches and was hurting pretty bad in my neck and back for a long time. I started coming to Principled Chiropractic in September 2-3 days a week and I’m feeling much better. I’ve have no more headaches! You should go see Dr. Shelby!” -A.D.

“I am a professional musician and several times a week I have to move fairly heavy equipment. This has been the case for many years and I have found myself developing Stage 3 Spinal Degeneration. For two months now I have had to move from one chair to another with no relief. The pain started […]