“I began treatment with Dr. Shelby on the recommendation of a good friend. I was experiencing pain in my left shoulder and thought it could me the result of a torn rotator cuff. I was losing strength in my arm and found that I was unable to do simple daily tasks, such as reaching into […]

“I’ve gone to a chiropractor in Rising Sun for five years. The last four treatments he didn’t take his time and it seemed like he didn’t care if he worked on me or not. When I first came to Principled Chiropractic I felt welcome from the start. The atmosphere here is great. I like Dr. […]

“My neck was so stiff that I couldn’t move it on one side. It was very uncomfortable. Now after treatments I feel more able to move my neck and can do almost everything that I should be able to do! Thank you Dr. Shelby!” -J.H.

“Two weeks ago I was sure by this time I was going to be in the hospital for more back surgery. But thanks to Dr. Mike I am moving and doing normal functions with no surgery. Thanks to all!” -S.S.

“About a year and a half ago I started having headaches and saw a doctor. I took over-the-counter medicine and even got a CAT scan but it came back fine. My dad told me I should see a chiropractor, so I came to Principled Chiropractic and after four or five visits I started feeling better. […]

“I had headaches for several days and lower back pain for quite a while. I decided to stop into Principled Chiropractic and make an appointment. I was asked if I wanted to be seen right away. I was surprised and said yes. By the time I filled out the paperwork they were ready for me […]