A chiropractic adjustment is a highly specialized procedure your chiropractor uses to free your body from a serious form of health-destroying stress called subluxation. A subluxation is a distortion in your body structure that interferes with the nerve communications in your body. Your chiropractor is not really “putting the bone back in place”. The adjustment […]

“I have had nine visits with Dr. Mike, and I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this good in twenty years. I can do things now that I could not do before. I can now mow my yard and clean my house. I have no more headaches and I don’t have the back pain […]

“I have been coming off and on to Principled Chiropractic for three years. Most recently I was in such pain in my lower back that I could not stand straight without extreme pain that would take my breath away. I called that morning and, as usual, the caring and concerned staff got me right in […]

Fifty athletes were divided into two groups. One group received chiropractic care while the control group did not receive care. They were tested for agility, balance, power, speed and hand reaction time. After 12 weeks, the chiropractic group’s improvement was 16.7% including a more than 30% improvement in reaction time! “The [chiropractic] athlete reacts faster, […]

“I came in to see Dr. Shelby hoping that he could help me with my jaw. My dentist had told me that I had Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (a disorder that causes pain in the joint that connects the jaw to the skull). Some mornings I would wake up and not be able to open my […]

For over a century arthritic patients have benefited from chiropractic care. Chiropractic care has even reversed osteoarthritis–something previously considered impossible. And yet chiropractic is not an arthritis treatment. It is a system of healthcare that improves the function of your entire body by removing or releasing blockages from your spine and structural system called subluxations. […]

People like chiropractors because they approach healthcare in a unique manner. Instead of diagnosing and treating disease, your chiropractor’s purpose is to enhance your health by analyzing your spine and eliminating your vertebral subluxations. Without subluxations your body and mind function better, heal better and you feel better. The medical approach of waiting for symptoms […]