“I was having headaches daily and had excruciating migraines about every other week. They got so bad that they would come on suddenly and 2-3 minutes later I was getting sick. I knew I had to get something done. I was working at the radio station and heard Dr. Shelby mention headaches on the radio […]

Most adjustments or spinal manipulation are associated with a click or cracking sound, but did you ever wonder what that noise is? The click occurs when there is a separation between the sides of the joint. When the joint separates there is a sudden release of carbon dioxide from the joint. It is similar to […]

In the past I haven’t gone to anyone until I was in pain. When I saw Dr. Shelby he fixed my back pain and my foot that had been going numb when I walked. I had been ignoring the fact that my foot went numb for a while. If I had listened to the signs […]