“I’ve had trouble with my neck for about eighteen years. Eighteen years ago I had a cow try to kill me. Last year has been really bad for me. I can’t sleep at night or day. It’s hard to drive a car, it’s hard to do housework. I have extremely terrible headaches at night, them […]

“For years I’ve had pain across my low back. One day it hurt so bad I decided that I had to do something, so I decided to come here. In just one week it started feeling better. Now it’s getting better all the time and at 100%. I find myself being able to do things […]

“I started coming to see Dr. Shelby because of my bad headaches and upper-lower back pain. I am a mother of four kids, ranging from four to nine years old. I was always in pain, all the time. I had no energy to do much with the kids Someone told me about chiropractic care and […]

“I’m a fifteen year disabled combat veteran. I have been going through treatment and rehabilitation at the Cincinnati VA Medical Center since leaving duty in 2008. I had a bad spell with my lower back in the summer of 2012 and the VA was backlogged. There were days I could not get out of bed […]