“I started getting insomnia around December. My doctor put me on Ambien. I was suffering from my neck constantly popping and having ear drainage and sinus problems. If you read anything I write the most important is this- I never understood chiropractors. Since coming to see Dr. Shelby I have been able to go my […]

“There are so many people that have helped me over the years in my journey to deal with my constant back and neck struggles, but this shout out is waaay overdue! Dr. Smith truly saved me from the wheelchair more than he will ever know! I wholeheartedly believe the first day I saw him I […]

“In just the one week that I have been coming to Principled Chiropractic I am amazed at what pain relief I have found. After several years of not being able to sleep through the night and having days where I would fall asleep during class time, I now wake up feeling rested. Before I would […]

“When I came to Dr. Shelby I was told I needed surgery on my back and I was looking at six months to a year recovery. I was nervous about seeing a chiropractor, but by the time I left my first appointment Dr. Shelby and the staff had made me feel 100% at ease. I […]