“When I came to Principled Chiropractic I was having problems with lower back pain. I had numerous sessions of therapy and I had to learn patience, for healing takes time. The back pain has now subsided and I feel much better. I also had tendon problems in my left elbow and with three treatments the […]

“I first saw Dr. Teifke in October of 2009. I was unable to use my right arm at all, I learned to do things with my left arm and hand. I had x-rays taken and they showed that I had three compressed vertebrae in my neck which were causing the immobility of my right arm. […]

“I can see a big difference already in my body. I can breath through nasal passages better and my knees and legs don’t hurt like they did. I was almost immobile, but Dr. Mike in five visits has changed that.” -B.T.